As NATA Holding, with our knowledge and experience of nearly half a century, we have taken the right moves in business life by following the dynamics of technology and the developing world. Doing the right things in the right ways has always brought us success. We have made our dreams come true with our strategies, with the idea of being better by constantly improving ourselves in every success we have. We are growing day by day with our foresight and successful investments. We are growing day by day with our foresight and successful investments, and we experience the honor of realizing prestigious projects at home and abroad.

As NATA Holding, we get our strength from our family. Our business partners, suppliers and all our employees build this strong family. With this perspective, we desire to carry our corporate culture to the future with our traditional structure and prestige. Our idea about winning is “We grow not by winning, but by sharing”. With our companies and brands, we always follow the dynamics of life and realize living projects as well as meeting the needs. We will continue to realize all the projects that we will produce with our qualified service understanding, by providing the most rational solution suggestions and absolute customer satisfaction.

My life's experience has shown how important work is. Working is the best way to overcome anything. It is important to remember that your past is the guide to your future. On this occasion, I commemorate my father, Hasan TANIK, with mercy, who shed light on my path, who contributed greatly to what we are today, and whose support and strength I feel within me and I commemorate the most important legacy he left us with the words "My son, the greatest wealth in this world is reputation". My only goal is to maintain this reputation with my children and my colleagues forever.